Buchie & Sash

A lot has changed in the dairy free world in the past five years.  There are hundreds of new products that are replacing the old ones that we used to eat before alternatives started to hit the shelves.

In 2013, we, Buchie & Sash, were just searching for delicious products that replace those we’d chosen not to eat.  We knew that there were some companies attempting to replicate dairy flavours to make options available, but they were doing a terrible job at it.

We stumbled upon the recipe for our Cashew Cream Cheese almost by accident.  But we knew we were onto something game changing.

We launched in 2014, and since then, although we’ve remained small, we’ve created quite the following.  We stick by our mantra, that ‘those who try it, buy it!’.  Even die hard dairy fans are hard pressed to tell the difference.

We hope you like our products too.  We’re small.  We’re Vegan. We’re local.  And we’re real people. Buchie & Sash; two friends with a dream for delicious vegan food that truly makes the world a better place.